ref: v0.2
Sha Commit date Commit message Author
14d360df 2007-02-05 cgit v0.2 Lars Hjemli
c52e8413 2007-02-04 Add support for prefix and gitsrc arguments to 'make' Lars Hjemli
74b0db95 2007-02-04 Update cgitrc template Lars Hjemli
8fb2f056 2007-02-04 Add support for lightweight tags Lars Hjemli
ce1c7336 2007-02-03 Read repo-info from /etc/cgitrc Lars Hjemli
ebd7b0fb 2007-02-03 Do not die if tag has no message Lars Hjemli
bb3e7950 2007-02-03 Fix search for non-virtual urls Lars Hjemli
66414b68 2007-01-28 Update README with install/config information Lars Hjemli
3c388a3b 2007-01-28 Add template for /etc/cgitrc Lars Hjemli
7dd50c98 2007-01-28 Add parameter to adjust max message length in log listings Lars Hjemli
d8b0cca2 2007-01-28 Set explicit font size Lars Hjemli
8596cda7 2007-01-28 Change global document layout Lars Hjemli
4a9dea5c 2007-01-28 Unified install path Lars Hjemli
777faf7e 2007-01-28 Cleanup table listings Lars Hjemli
447025f6 2007-01-17 Enable building with debuginfo Lars Hjemli
23734c5a 2007-01-17 Extend repo summary with tag list Lars Hjemli
a69061fd 2007-01-17 Add function cgit_parse_tag() Lars Hjemli
06c81d6f 2007-01-17 Add some more decls from git (cache.h, tag.h) Lars Hjemli
66091f93 2007-01-16 Handle empty/malformed commit messages Lars Hjemli
5cd2bf7e 2007-01-12 WIP: add paths/backlinks to tree/blobview Lars Hjemli
2c2047ff 2007-01-12 Remove troublesome chars from cachefile names Lars Hjemli
83a5f35a 2007-01-12 Move cache_prepare() to cgit Lars Hjemli
f98e7268 2007-01-05 Use long instead of int when converting from TTL to seconds Lars Hjemli
a6a11125 2007-01-05 Use TTL-settings even in nocache mode Lars Hjemli
52e605ca 2007-01-04 Handle %xx encoding in querystring Lars Hjemli
05b13194 2006-12-28 Handle '+' in querystring Lars Hjemli
732d68d2 2006-12-28 Add basic log filtering Lars Hjemli
e39d738c 2006-12-28 Add generic support for search box in page header Lars Hjemli
27cd3b2a 2006-12-28 Test for NULL-pointers in html_txt() and friends Lars Hjemli
c43f1246 2006-12-22 Minor style fixes Lars Hjemli
2efee09a 2006-12-22 Add missing diff-link in ui-commit.c Lars Hjemli
9d8d9b61 2006-12-22 Only show first 80 characters of commit subject in log and summary Lars Hjemli
378cae63 2006-12-22 Add missing ttl-options in config Lars Hjemli
8e495b07 2006-12-21 cgit 0.1 Lars Hjemli
40dea525 2006-12-21 Let make know that ui-diff.c depends on xdiff.h Lars Hjemli
36aba002 2006-12-20 Add basic diff view Lars Hjemli
a5304286 2006-12-17 Use html_filemode in ui-tree.c Lars Hjemli
fb6e5869 2006-12-17 Don't show new and old filemode for added/removed files Lars Hjemli
6cb326c8 2006-12-17 Show list of modified files in ui-commit.c Lars Hjemli
9c5229ea 2006-12-16 Reformat code to avoid excessive line lengths Lars Hjemli
aaa24bdd 2006-12-16 Add cgit_free_commitinfo() and use where needed Lars Hjemli
fa82b03e 2006-12-16 Simplify ui-commit.c Lars Hjemli
8960d267 2006-12-16 Show emails and timestamps in ui-commit.c Lars Hjemli
77078ba7 2006-12-16 Teach commit parser about author/committer email + timestamp Lars Hjemli
7c849d94 2006-12-16 Allow relative paths for cgit_cache_root Lars Hjemli
61245ad1 2006-12-16 Add cache-root option to /cgit/rc Lars Hjemli
521dc7a4 2006-12-16 Add argument parsing + switch for uncached operation Lars Hjemli
a1a79998 2006-12-16 Add head comment to shared.c Lars Hjemli
6c14f5e4 2006-12-16 Add head comment to ui-commit.c Lars Hjemli
f516218d 2006-12-16 gitweb ripoff: set tr:hover to highligt current row Lars Hjemli
0de2055b 2006-12-16 Make repo header a link to summary page Lars Hjemli
148fb962 2006-12-16 Move cgit_print_date into ui-shared, reuse in ui-summary Lars Hjemli
9a8f8865 2006-12-16 Add ui-commit.c + misc ui cleanups Lars Hjemli
2101e26f 2006-12-15 Add a common commit parser Lars Hjemli
420712ac 2006-12-14 Add simple pager to log page Lars Hjemli
c45b8178 2006-12-13 Add separate makefile-rule to clear current cache Lars Hjemli
dcef257d 2006-12-13 Remove implementation details from README Lars Hjemli
9c2e863e 2006-12-13 Small layout adjustments to summary and blob view Lars Hjemli
06fe0c2f 2006-12-13 Add display of tree content w/ui-tree.c Lars Hjemli
58d04f65 2006-12-12 cache_lock: do xstrdup/free on lockfile Lars Hjemli
fbaf1171 2006-12-11 Don't truncate valid cachefiles Lars Hjemli
44923f89 2006-12-11 Move global variables + callback functions into shared.c Lars Hjemli
df631193 2006-12-11 Move functions for generic object output into ui-view.c Lars Hjemli
d14c5f6d 2006-12-11 Move log-functions into ui-log.c Lars Hjemli
1418034e 2006-12-11 Move repo summary functions into ui-summary.c Lars Hjemli
74620f12 2006-12-11 Move functions for repolist output into ui-repolist.c Lars Hjemli
5a106eb0 2006-12-11 Move common output-functions into ui-shared.c Lars Hjemli
51ada4fd 2006-12-11 Rename config.c to parsing.c + move cgit_parse_query from cgit.c to parsing.c Lars Hjemli
318d1063 2006-12-11 Avoid infinite loops in caching layer Lars Hjemli
a581ed8d 2006-12-11 Let 'make install' clear all cachefiles Lars Hjemli
f5069d88 2006-12-11 Fix cache algorithm loophole Lars Hjemli
76827d86 2006-12-10 Add version identifier in generated files Lars Hjemli
7640d90b 2006-12-10 Add license file and copyright notices Lars Hjemli
25105d7e 2006-12-10 Add caching infrastructure Lars Hjemli
856c026e 2006-12-09 Add .gitignore Lars Hjemli
c76a52be 2006-12-09 Replace useless make rules with generic $(OBJECTS) dependency Lars Hjemli
0d169ada 2006-12-09 Import cgit prototype from git tree Lars Hjemli