UMBÓ: Cultuar (Iorubá/Português Brasileiro)

Umbó is a minimal and modular CSS library.


The general idea is to have a decent and simple foundation to build other applications within the idea of a accessible and popular web.

We need to push forward more simple and content acessible websites and to do that we can't build this on top of massive frameworks, excessive styling and scripts, etc. We just need to deliver a idea, a message and striping out the bloat/dirt of your website is a good starting point to do that.

So instead, we offer to whoever use umbó, a very modular and go-to architecture, built around simple stuff, like a common use Flexbox Grid, minimal styling of tables, links and a good typography base.


It's split into the following modules:

  • Grid
  • Foundation (Typography, Links, Tables)
  • Buttons
  • Forms

You can either include the minified version (weighing at 22kb/3kb gzipped) or the standard version.


We don't make use of unusual technology and/or bloated stuff. You can clone the project, and take a peek at our Makefile, the whole code is written in raw CSS and we include a .editorconfig so we can keep a good standard.

Then to build the project, simply open a shell and run:

  • make (to build the default/non-minified version)
  • make minify (to build the default but minified version)
  • make $MODULE (replace $MODULE with the module your looking after, i.e. grid, foundation)


Send patches and discussion at my public inbox ~porcellis/



$ git clone