Marvel Comics Test

This is a barebones Marvel's API demo. It'll fetch a given story (I've picked some random Silk's story) and display its name and list characters that are on that story with their photo.


It's a pretty barebones sinatra application. You'll just need Ruby 3.0 and install sinatra itself. How to install the ruby version, depends on each environment. Some folks use rvm, some others rbenv. I personally just install via my system package manager (using apk), so that's an exercise for the reader.

Lastly, you should be able to install sinatra's using rubygems:

$ gem install sinatra

Then, to run the application, just run rackup. You have to set your personal Marvel API Key pair on config/config.yml before you can start running the application. Just copy the .sample file and you're good to go:

$ cp config/config.yml.sample config/config.yml
$ rackup

At this point you'll have the webserver running at :9292.


Or things I would do, if I had more time:

  • Caching API responses
  • Mapping the response into some struct, so no more messing with hashes directly


ISC License. Check COPYING for more detailed information.

$ git clone