A simple, tiny, markdown-based wiki engine. Useful for creating simple wikis, with minimal effort on deployment, configuration and management.


hidrocor should be installed via your system package manager. You can, however, compile from source by grabbing a tarball.

If installed from the source, you just need to run:

$ make
# make install

Configurating wikis

A wiki, is just a folder containing some markdown files. hidrocor will parse and turn them into simple pages, and link any /*.md contained inside the same folder. You can mantain these wikis as a git repository for collaboration.

hidrocor will also parse any YAML meta tag and lookup for a title to display as the title of page and wiki.

You'll need to supply the path of the wiki via the flag --wiki, and override the system service via /etc/conf.d/hidrocor.


The upstream repository can be found here. Send patches to porcellis@eletrotupi.com or open pull requests on the GitHub mirror.



$ git clone https://git.eletrotupi.com/git/hidrocor