A curated list of common email domains, usernames and scripts to deal with it or to potentially identify one.


There are two types of data here, usernames and domains, both available as a plain text file, each item on a new line. Usernames were initially sourced from the Big-Blacklist. Domains combine disposable emails and other hand-picked items I found as sysadmin of

We also offer some simple awk scripts to process the raw data and spit into two flavours: json and yaml. Generate them using the make(1) rules:

$ make # will invoke json and yaml
$ make json
$ make yaml


We also offer a pretty barebones API available at antispam-api. You can host an instance yourself if you want it, it's pretty simple.


Please do! You can add more items by sending a patch to the mailing list or to me personally. If you think your domain was included as a mistake, contact me too.


MIT Licensed. Check COPYING

$ git clone