ref: v1.2.1
Sha Commit date Commit message Author
824138e5 2018-08-03 Bump version. Jason A. Donenfeld
53efaf30 2018-08-03 clone: fix directory traversal Jason A. Donenfeld
c679d901 2018-07-17 config: record repo.snapshot-prefix in the per-repo config Konstantin Ryabitsev
77b6f833 2018-07-15 auth-filters: add simple file-based authentication scheme Jason A. Donenfeld
82856923 2018-07-15 auth-filters: use crypt() in simple-authentication Jason A. Donenfeld
b73df809 2018-07-15 auth-filters: generate secret securely Jason A. Donenfeld
c4d23d02 2018-07-14 auth-filters: do not crash on nil username Jason A. Donenfeld
93a2c330 2018-07-14 auth-filter: do not write more than we've read Jason A. Donenfeld
c3b5b5f6 2018-07-14 auth-filters: do not use HMAC-SHA1 Jason A. Donenfeld
c132ef24 2018-07-13 Bump version. Jason A. Donenfeld
5dec7f4a 2018-07-10 Update COPYING Todd Zullinger
089b29a7 2018-07-08 css: use correct size in annotated decoration Jason A. Donenfeld
22583c49 2018-07-05 cgitrc.5: add local tar signature example Jason A. Donenfeld
08a2b1b8 2018-07-04 Fix gcc 8.1.1 compiler warnings Jason A. Donenfeld
c4167cbd 2018-07-03 cgitrc.5: document new signature notes Jason A. Donenfeld
7ba41963 2018-06-07 snapshot: support tar signature for compressed tar Christian Hesse
b522a302 2018-02-12 extra-head-content: introduce another option for meta tags Jason A. Donenfeld
c4fbb99c 2018-06-20 Use string list strdup_strings for mimetypes John Keeping
90862603 2018-06-20 manpage: fix sorting order Andy Green
b31e9988 2018-06-20 cache: close race window when unlocking slots John Keeping
255b78ff 2018-06-04 git: update to v2.18.0 Christian Hesse
54d37dc1 2018-06-18 global: remove functionality we deprecated for cgit v1.0 Christian Hesse
2f8648ff 2018-06-11 snapshot: strip bit from struct cgit_snapshot_format Christian Hesse
30a378b5 2018-06-07 snapshot: support special value 'all' to enable all formats Christian Hesse
c712d5ac 2018-03-31 snapshot: support archive signatures John Keeping
71d14d9c 2018-03-31 ui-refs: use shared function to print tag downloads John Keeping
e491eaa5 2018-03-31 ui-shared: pass separator in to cgit_print_snapshot_links() John Keeping
5b1f42ff 2018-03-31 ui-shared: use the same snapshot logic as ui-refs John Keeping
82aadcfc 2018-03-31 ui-shared: rename parameter to cgit_print_snapshot_links() John Keeping
63da41a9 2018-03-31 ui-shared: remove unused parameter John Keeping
f0047d2d 2018-03-31 ui-refs: remove unnecessary sanity check John Keeping
00ad47bb 2018-03-31 ui-snapshot: filter permitted snapshot requests John Keeping
c1572bb5 2018-03-31 Add "snapshot-prefix" repo configuration John Keeping
d85e8a98 2018-03-31 ui-snapshot: pass repo into get_ref_from_filename() John Keeping
bd1b2814 2018-03-31 ui-shared: pass repo object to print_snapshot_links() John Keeping
0bb34ef1 2018-06-05 ui-log: highlight annotated tags in different color Christian Hesse
e65ea965 2018-06-04 print git version string in footer Christian Hesse
fb804a35 2018-05-30 git: update to v2.17.1 Christian Hesse
b7591895 2018-06-19 ui-blame: free read_sha1_file() buffer after use Andy Green
26610aff 2018-06-10 ui-tag: Fix inconsistent capitalization Jon DeVree
7708859c 2018-06-13 ui-tree: free read_sha1_file() buffer after use Andy Green
48f17508 2018-06-16 Makefile: drive asciidoc directly for HTML output John Keeping
33414d78 2018-02-20 doc: use consistent id's when generating html files Todd Zullinger
03f6e34b 2018-02-12 cgit: prepare repo before error pages Jason A. Donenfeld
dbaee267 2017-10-28 ui-blame: Allow syntax highlighting Jeff Smith
aafc42d8 2017-10-17 ui-blame: Make each column into a single table cell Jeff Smith
2b95c9d4 2017-10-17 ui-blame: Break out emit_blame_entry into component methods Jeff Smith
6b5b655f 2017-10-17 ui-blame: Distinguish hashes column from lines column Jeff Smith
1dd53e3a 2018-01-18 git: update to v2.16.0 Christian Hesse
5d947ba3 2017-11-29 git: update to v2.15.1 Christian Hesse
67d0f870 2017-10-14 global: spelling fixes Ville Skyttä
98abe5bb 2017-10-14 ui-shared: use type='search' for the search box Ville Skyttä
fd069b4c 2017-10-14 filter: pipe_fh should be local Jason A. Donenfeld
9d751e7e 2017-10-14 parsing: don't clear existing state with empty input John Keeping
1649afdc 2017-10-01 ui-tree: link to blame UI if enabled Jeff Smith
c1cd290d 2017-10-01 ui-blame: add blame UI Jeff Smith
f6ffe40d 2017-10-01 ui-shared: make a char* parameter const Jeff Smith
9337c7ee 2017-10-01 ui-tree: move set_title_from_path to ui-shared Jeff Smith
70787254 2017-10-01 html: html_ntxt with no ellipsis Jeff Smith
3b485cc5 2017-04-24 cache: flush stdio before restoring FDs John Keeping
de297883 2017-09-20 Use https for submodule Daniel M. Weeks
51cc456b 2017-03-06 ui-plain: print symlink content John Keeping
113f4b85 2017-02-19 cgit: don't set vpath unless repo is set John Keeping
c6998666 2017-02-19 parsing: clear query path before starting John Keeping
1b4ef678 2017-02-19 ui-shared: don't print path crumbs without a repo John Keeping
6d3c8bc3 2017-01-15 ui-atom: properly escape delimiter in page link John Keeping
86a6d358 2017-08-09 git: update to v2.14 Jeff Smith
3d33b46d 2017-07-24 git: update to v2.13.4 Christian Hesse
7ce19ba5 2017-07-27 Update .mailmap with my new email address Lukas Fleischer
7ebdb30f 2017-04-05 Remove unused variable from sort_section() Lukas Fleischer
87c47488 2017-03-30 ui-repolist: properly sort by age Jason A. Donenfeld
be39d223 2016-11-24 ui-patch: fix crash when using path limit Lukas Fleischer
5564a5d0 2017-01-22 syntax-highlighting: replace invalid unicode with ? Jason A. Donenfeld
91153fd0 2016-11-30 git: update to v2.11.0 Christian Hesse
2b993402 2016-11-25 Link with -ldl on GNU Hurd Peter Colberg
5ccd9652 2016-11-24 git: update to v2.10.2 again John Keeping
8e9ddd21 2016-11-23 Bump version. Jason A. Donenfeld
81509a22 2016-07-06 css: highlight even table rows and skip empty rows Christian Hesse
44f8c11c 2016-11-06 git: update to v2.10.2 Christian Hesse
c330a2e5 2016-10-11 ui-blog: fix oid handling Christian Hesse
2d59e6a6 2016-10-10 shared: remove unused function strlpart() Christian Hesse
3e2e8f1c 2016-10-10 shared: remove unused function strrpart() Christian Hesse
7fea585e 2016-10-10 ui-repolist: fix memory leak Christian Hesse
32c27e88 2016-10-08 Use skip_prefix() to get rid of magic constants Lukas Fleischer
5fe88a9c 2016-03-14 patch: reapply path limit John Keeping
c1773795 2016-10-07 ui-repolist: fix memory leak Christian Hesse
d6a4730d 2016-10-04 git: update to v2.10.1 Christian Hesse
9dd3c5e9 2016-09-29 ui-tree: replace 'unsigned char sha1[20]' with 'struct object_id oid' Christian Hesse
28185ae4 2016-09-29 ui-tag: replace 'unsigned char sha1[20]' with 'struct object_id oid' Christian Hesse
406f5938 2016-09-29 ui-snapshot: replace 'unsigned char sha1[20]' with 'struct object_id oid' Christian Hesse
6bef566f 2016-09-29 ui-shared: replace 'unsigned char sha1[20]' with 'struct object_id oid' Christian Hesse
073a8bb3 2016-09-29 ui-plain: replace 'unsigned char sha1[20]' with 'struct object_id oid' Christian Hesse
85793b81 2016-09-29 ui-patch: replace 'unsigned char sha1[20]' with 'struct object_id oid' Christian Hesse
1a9a75d7 2016-09-29 ui-log: replace get_sha1() with get_oid() Christian Hesse
3a0fd5e6 2016-09-29 ui-commit: replace 'unsigned char sha1[20]' with 'struct object_id oid' Christian Hesse
6e4b7b67 2016-09-29 ui-blob: replace 'unsigned char sha1[20]' with 'struct object_id oid' Christian Hesse
aee990b6 2016-09-29 cgit: replace 'unsigned char sha1[20]' with 'struct object_id oid' Christian Hesse
ef310865 2016-10-01 Makefile: remove extra space Jason A. Donenfeld
927b0ae3 2016-09-29 Simplify http_parse_querystring() Lukas Fleischer
e18a85b6 2016-08-13 ui-tree: remove a fixed size buffer John Keeping