ref: v0.8.3.2
Sha Commit date Commit message Author
f072bc55 2010-06-19 CGIT Lars Hjemli
ce761fde 2010-04-08 shared.c: avoid memory leak during diff Lars Hjemli
9bd3a7b1 2010-02-21 Clear the whole context Daniel Milde
8d946079 2010-02-01 ui-shared.c: fix segfault when repo is empty Florian Pritz
c86e206a 2009-12-12 CGIT Lars Hjemli
24538b07 2009-12-10 Fix segfault on ppc when browsing tree Martins Polakovs
f2bf0a05 2009-12-08 Don't crash when a repo-specific readme file is used Sami Kyöstilä
21f67e7d 2009-11-07 shared.c: return original errno Lars Hjemli
8cfe4897 2009-11-07 Close fd on error in readfile() Rys Sommefeldt
e34a3b5a 2009-11-02 Nov is the correct abbreviation Danijel Tašov
9735835c 2009-09-20 Fix repolist search links with virtual root Geoff Johnstone
8071e18d 2009-09-14 cgitrc.5.txt: Change to section in example config. Loui Chang
676d17b2 2009-09-14 cgitrc.5.txt: Add mansource and manmanual. Loui Chang
27479ac5 2009-09-13 CGIT 0.8.3 Lars Hjemli
33998c51 2009-09-13 Merge branch 'stable' Lars Hjemli
f92ca06e 2009-09-13 CGIT Lars Hjemli
92f69409 2009-09-13 Merge branch 'lh/repo-scan' Lars Hjemli
5f12e45f 2009-09-13 Merge branch 'fp/linenumbers' Lars Hjemli
45c49d6c 2009-09-13 Use GIT- Lars Hjemli
670f9909 2009-09-06 Merge branch 'stable' Lars Hjemli
b507252b 2009-09-06 ui-plain.c: only return the blob with the specified path Lars Hjemli
ee554849 2009-08-24 cgit.c: respect repo-local 'snapshots' option for --scan-path Lars Hjemli
588fb8ef 2009-08-24 cgit.c: only print first line of repo.desc in print_repo() Lars Hjemli
b47b7bd1 2009-08-24 Add and use cgit_find_stats_periodname() in print_repo() Lars Hjemli
5ca8df0a 2009-08-24 cgit.c: generate repo.snapshots in print_repo() Lars Hjemli
35483200 2009-08-24 cgit.c: add missing options to print_repo() Lars Hjemli
42e7a169 2009-08-24 shared.c: initialize cgit_repo structs properly Lars Hjemli
2273c2c8 2009-08-24 Add config option 'enable-filter-overrides' Lars Hjemli
007df98d 2009-08-24 cgitrc.5.txt: fix markup errors Lars Hjemli
e01229cf 2009-08-24 ui-repolist: handle empty sections similar to NULL sections Lars Hjemli
74061ed5 2009-08-24 Add support for repo-local cgitrc file Lars Hjemli
a1b3938f 2009-08-23 cgit.c: refactor repo_config() from config_cb() Lars Hjemli
63816ec5 2009-08-23 ui-repolist.c: sort by section name, repo name as default Lars Hjemli
39398545 2009-08-23 Add config option 'repo.section' Lars Hjemli
e7af002d 2009-08-23 Introduce 'section' as canonical spelling for '' Lars Hjemli
50d5af3a 2009-08-23 Add support for --scan-path command line option Lars Hjemli
00466376 2009-08-23 Rename 'repo.scan' to 'scan-path' Lars Hjemli
b4dc93dc 2009-08-20 cgitrc.5.txt: document repo.scan and cache-scanrc-ttl Lars Hjemli
d746827e 2009-08-20 cgit.c: add support for caching autodetected repositories Lars Hjemli
302a3efa 2009-08-19 cgit.c: make print_repolist() and print_repo() reusable for caching Lars Hjemli
523a2161 2009-08-19 cache.h: export hash_str() Lars Hjemli
6f3bf1ae 2009-08-11 cgit.c: add support for cgitrc option 'repo.scan' Lars Hjemli
fb9bf55c 2009-08-11 scan-tree: detect non-bare repository and stop scanning early Lars Hjemli
b44c40ea 2009-08-24 cgitrc.5.txt: fix description and markup for 'snapshots' option Lars Hjemli
6638f408 2009-08-21 cgit.css: make the blob display in tree view a bit prettier Lars Hjemli
b0f946bc 2009-08-21 Rename "linenumbers" to "enable-tree-linenumbers", change default to "1" Lars Hjemli
d67cc7f9 2009-08-09 Add 'linenumbers' config option Florian Pritz
03389d6e 2009-08-09 ui-tree.c: show line numbers when highlighting Florian Pritz
6445a3ad 2009-08-20 scan-tree: split the pw_gecos field at the ',' to get the real name Stefan Naewe
0374a76c 2009-08-20 cgit.c: fix caching keyed on PATH_INFO with no QUERY_STRING Lars Hjemli
e16f1783 2009-08-18 Add and use a common readfile() function Lars Hjemli
523c133e 2009-08-18 Merge branch 'stable' Lars Hjemli
011f2e9b 2009-03-07 truncate buffer before reading empty files Simon Arlott
73b54f7d 2009-08-18 Merge branch 'stable' Lars Hjemli
6421dc38 2009-06-29 ui-shared: don't print header <img/> if there isn't a logo defined Matthew Metnetsky
cb92d05b 2009-08-17 Merge branch 'stable' Lars Hjemli
435a1da8 2009-08-17 cgit.c: do not segfault on unexpected query-string format Lars Hjemli
8a631b11 2009-08-17 ui-tag.c: do not segfault when id is missing from query-string Lars Hjemli
0730ee6e 2009-08-16 ui-log.c: handle lightweight tags when printing commit decorations Lars Hjemli
1bbe04c2 2009-08-16 ui-refs.c: improve handling of lightweight tags Stefan Bühler
ff0ff807 2009-08-13 Use GIT- Lars Hjemli
2c742d1a 2009-08-11 Merge branch 'lh/embedded' Lars Hjemli
80550bbe 2009-08-11 ui-shared: add support for header/footer options when embedded=1 Lars Hjemli
fcc60562 2009-08-10 cgitrc.5.txt: describe where/how cgit will locate cgitrc Lars Hjemli
92f9b53c 2009-08-10 cgit.c: make '/cgit.png' the default value for 'logo' option Lars Hjemli
4c228e3c 2009-08-10 cgit.css: align commit message with subject in expanded log listing Lars Hjemli
8b2252b0 2009-08-10 ui-shared: add support for NO_HTTP=1/--nohttp Lars Hjemli
60a26272 2009-08-10 Cleanup handling of environment variables Lars Hjemli
e6cd7121 2009-08-09 Add some example filter scripts Lars Hjemli
db8b8cb9 2009-08-09 Merge branch 'lh/about' Lars Hjemli
db6303b5 2009-08-09 Merge branch 'lh/plugins' Lars Hjemli
17e3ff42 2009-08-09 Merge branch 'lh/mimetypes' Lars Hjemli
537c05f1 2009-08-09 Add 'about-filter' and 'repo.about-filter' options Lars Hjemli
e1782fff 2009-08-09 ui-summary: enable arbitrary paths below repo.readme Lars Hjemli
97b3d252 2009-08-09 cgit.c: allow repo.*-filter options to unset the current default Lars Hjemli
e976df27 2009-08-09 Add support for repo.commit-filter and repo.source-filter Lars Hjemli
b4c3562f 2009-08-07 Expose file extension in tree lists as class to allow nicer tree styling Martin Szulecki
2f56e390 2009-08-07 Introduce noplainemail option to hide email adresses from spambots Martin Szulecki
f35db1cd 2009-07-31 ui-commit: add support for 'commit-filter' option Lars Hjemli
46b7abed 2009-07-31 ui-tree: add support for source-filter option Lars Hjemli
18dfbdc0 2009-07-31 ui-snapshot: use cgit_{open|close}_filter() to execute compressors Lars Hjemli
d6f60725 2009-07-31 Add generic filter/plugin infrastructure Lars Hjemli
c4d46c70 2009-02-13 Add support for mime type registration and lookup Lars Hjemli
286a9058 2009-07-25 Merge branch 'lh/embedded' Lars Hjemli
7a8b3b41 2009-07-25 cgit.h: keep config flags sorted Lars Hjemli
86b753cb 2009-07-25 cgitrc.5.txt: document 'embedded' and 'noheader' Lars Hjemli
ef0c6aad 2009-07-25 Add support for 'noheader' option Lars Hjemli
542f6a43 2009-07-25 Merge branch 'ml/head-include' Lars Hjemli
f618e8f7 2009-07-25 cgitrc.5.txt: document 'head-include' Lars Hjemli
681fdc45 2009-07-25 Merge branch 'plain-etag' Lars Hjemli
7e5c0485 2009-07-25 Merge branch 'rt/plain-binary' Lars Hjemli
596eb8fc 2009-07-25 ui-blob: return 'application/octet-stream' for binary blobs Lars Hjemli
7d770080 2009-07-25 ui-plain: Return 'application/octet-stream' for binary files. Remko Tronçon
fbe091a7 2009-07-25 Merge branch 'do/https' Lars Hjemli
694dd438 2009-06-10 use cgit_httpscheme() for atom feed Diego Ongaro
87a89aed 2009-06-10 add cgit_httpscheme() -> http:// or https:// Diego Ongaro
e429fb0c 2009-06-07 Return http statuscode 404 on unknown branch Lars Hjemli
b5a3a204 2009-03-15 Add head-include configuration option. Mark Lodato
45e7fcec 2009-03-15 Merge branch 'stable' Lars Hjemli
fdd559ab 2009-03-15 CGIT Lars Hjemli