ref: v0.8.2.1
Sha Commit date Commit message Author
fdd559ab 2009-03-15 CGIT Lars Hjemli
6fddad72 2009-03-15 ui-snapshot: avoid segfault when no filename is specified Lars Hjemli
11297361 2009-03-14 fix segfault when displaying empty blobs Eric Wong
6063e7b5 2009-02-12 ui-tree: escape ascii-text properly in hexdump view Lars Hjemli
8cc02871 2009-02-01 CGIT 0.8.2 Lars Hjemli
8cbbb644 2009-02-01 Use GIT- Lars Hjemli
5e447b1e 2009-02-01 Merge branch 'lh/binary' Lars Hjemli
481ce5e2 2009-02-01 shared.c: avoid SEGFAULT when checking for binary buffers Lars Hjemli
0b3c746b 2009-02-01 Merge branch 'lh/header' Lars Hjemli
ae1d4d75 2009-01-31 ui-tree: show hexdump of binary blobs Lars Hjemli
c495cf02 2009-01-31 Handle binary files in diffs Lars Hjemli
d6174b7a 2009-01-29 Merge branch 'stable' Lars Hjemli
7efcef00 2009-01-29 html.c: use correct escaping in html attributes Lars Hjemli
b115955d 2009-01-29 Add support for a custom header Lars Hjemli
a61871a1 2009-01-27 Merge branch 'stable' Lars Hjemli
dfc4c82a 2009-01-27 Merge branch 'jw/commit-decorations' Lars Hjemli
38fde35f 2009-01-27 tests/ expect commit decorations Lars Hjemli
236665d7 2009-01-27 cgit.css: minor adjustment of commit decorations Lars Hjemli
0027e38b 2009-01-12 Add decorations to commit pages Justin Waters
ba75f661 2009-01-27 CGIT Lars Hjemli
1fdde95a 2009-01-27 Merge branch 'og/tree-view-selection' Lars Hjemli
7710178e 2009-01-27 Merge branch 'lh/stats' Lars Hjemli
e78186dc 2009-01-12 Merge branch 'stable' Lars Hjemli
d529c6fb 2009-01-11 Makefile: install cgit.{css,png} in CGIT_DATA_PATH Todd Zullinger
4ac89ec8 2009-01-11 Makefile: add INSTALL var to set install command Todd Zullinger
3796c2d8 2009-01-11 Fix tar.bz2 snapshot example Todd Zullinger
31665579 2009-01-11 Merge branch 'stable' Lars Hjemli
eb14609d 2009-01-11 Avoid SEGFAULT on invalid requests Lars Hjemli
372b4041 2009-01-11 Make all tags viewable Robin Redeker
5176db2e 2009-01-11 Merge branch 'stable' Lars Hjemli
720b6ece 2009-01-11 ui-tag: escape tagnames properly Lars Hjemli
1383fe3f 2009-01-09 Change toggle to more meaningful term Justin Waters
aa60ae12 2009-01-11 Merge branch 'snapshot-fixes' Lars Hjemli
7f7c1ddd 2009-01-11 Merge branch 'lh/mimetypes' Lars Hjemli
ef688e16 2009-01-11 Merge branch 'lh/virtual-root' Lars Hjemli
d1c48e51 2009-01-11 Merge branch 'stable' Lars Hjemli
ef2dc552 2009-01-11 ui-log: show name-decorations in log output Lars Hjemli
c63aaff2 2009-01-10 Makefile: avoid libcurl when building git Lars Hjemli
5164be32 2009-01-10 ui-refs: avoid SEGFAULT on lightweight tags Robin Redeker
a90e2aa4 2009-01-07 changed objects are outputted, allowing for selections of code only Onne Gorter
25f6a1f4 2009-01-06 Merge branch 'stable' Lars Hjemli
f3c99cf1 2009-01-06 ui-tree.c: do not add blank line when displaying blobs Lars Hjemli
50fbd46c 2008-12-30 Merge branch 'stable' Lars Hjemli
03afc5fe 2008-12-30 ui-patch: whitespace changes in the patch generation code Tomas Carnecky
7bbc2745 2008-12-28 tests/ make testscript match updated snapshot behavior Lars Hjemli
c4b45de3 2008-12-02 return 404 if snapshot is not found Natanael Copa
ed77b2e0 2008-12-26 ui-snapshot.c: change mime-type for tar.gz and tar.bz2 Lars Hjemli
06de14d0 2008-12-26 Use GIT-1.6.1 Lars Hjemli
0edf7607 2008-12-26 shared.c: future-proof usage of git diff-structures Lars Hjemli
377a1c8c 2008-12-26 Untie logic for SCRIPT_NAME and PATH_INFO Lars Hjemli
b54ef974 2008-12-07 ui-stats.c: reuse cgit_add_hidden_formfields() Lars Hjemli
c3c925f4 2008-12-07 ui-shared: externalize add_hidden_formfields() Lars Hjemli
837d464a 2008-12-07 ui-tree: add link to stats page per path Lars Hjemli
eaf2d25c 2008-12-07 ui-shared: add and use cgit_stats_link() Lars Hjemli
fb2f3f6c 2008-12-07 ui-stats: replace 'enable-stats' setting with 'max-stats' Lars Hjemli
c6a6aa21 2008-12-07 ui-stats: enable path-filtered stats Lars Hjemli
f86a23ff 2008-12-06 Add a 'stats' page to each repo Lars Hjemli
11456a60 2008-12-06 Merge branch 'stable' Lars Hjemli
b6faa780 2008-12-06 tests/ allow testsuite to fail properly with POSIX standard shells Lars Hjemli
2755af6e 2008-12-06 tests/ skip tests if 'tidy' is not available Lars Hjemli
3c32fe07 2008-12-06 Merge branch 'full-log' Lars Hjemli
9c8be943 2008-12-06 Merge branch 'lh/sort-repolist' Lars Hjemli
e5504402 2008-12-06 Merge branch 'snapshot-fixes' Lars Hjemli
3157ea3b 2008-12-06 Merge branch 'stable' Lars Hjemli
d2592a2c 2008-12-05 Merge branch 'rj/buildtweaks' into stable Lars Hjemli
14b4e108 2008-12-05 parsing.c: enable builds with NO_ICONV defined Lars Hjemli
7115f7d2 2008-12-05 ui-repolist: avoid build warning for strcasestr(3) Lars Hjemli
a5e899e4 2008-12-05 Makefile: allow cgit.conf to override platform-specific tweaks Lars Hjemli
97fdac16 2008-11-15 Extra cygwin-specific changes Ramsay Jones
a1b01b25 2008-12-03 ui-log: try to disambiguate ref names Lars Hjemli
c57aceb1 2008-12-01 ui-shared: shorten the sha1 printed by cgit_object_link Lars Hjemli
65962685 2008-12-01 ui-refs.c: show download links for all tags referring to commit objects Lars Hjemli
b9053a4f 2008-12-01 ui-shared: exploit snapshot dwimmery in cgit_print_snapshot_links Lars Hjemli
4b4f8d12 2008-12-01 ui-snapshot: improve extraction of revision from snapshot name Lars Hjemli
314d9ea5 2008-11-29 Set prefix in snapshots when using dwimmery Natanael Copa
ab67164d 2008-11-29 ui-log: use css to make full-log prettier Lars Hjemli
951f550b 2008-11-29 ui-log: (ab)use extra columns for commit message when showmsg=1 Lars Hjemli
0274b57d 2008-11-29 ui-log: add support for showing the full commit message Lars Hjemli
88131703 2008-11-29 ui-repolist: implement lazy caching of repo->mtime Lars Hjemli
54272e60 2008-11-29 ui-repolist: sort null values last Lars Hjemli
f250c1ca 2008-11-29 ui-repolist: add support for sorting any column Lars Hjemli
cbac02c8 2008-11-29 ui-repolist: extract get_repo_modtime() from print_modtime() Lars Hjemli
d71c0c72 2008-11-25 Add support for sorting by Age in the repolist Benjamin Close
7b5cee65 2008-11-14 Merge branch 'stable' Lars Hjemli
c7d1402b 2008-11-14 ui-repolist: handle empty agefiles Lars Hjemli
9895925d 2008-11-06 Merge branch 'stable' Lars Hjemli
5b272483 2008-11-05 Use mode 0644 for non-executable files Karl Chen
b8a7eb12 2008-11-06 Merge branch 'stable' Lars Hjemli
e4d2f2b0 2008-11-04 Fix tests to work on Ubuntu (dash) Ramsay Jones
bdd4a56a 2008-11-04 Fix some warnings to allow -Werror Ramsay Jones
a918c068 2008-11-06 Use GIT- Lars Hjemli
140012d7 2008-10-11 CGIT 0.8.1 Lars Hjemli
8011587e 2008-10-11 Merge branch 'stable' Lars Hjemli
efaccb3d 2008-10-11 Makefile: enable compilation on uclibc Lars Hjemli
ed7ff095 2008-10-11 ui-snapshot: add dwimmery Lars Hjemli
5632ba35 2008-10-11 Add cgit_query.nohead flag Lars Hjemli
cb1cc0d8 2008-10-06 ui-shared: specify correct css class for summary tab Lars Hjemli
ae83752b 2008-10-05 CGIT 0.8 Lars Hjemli
0071aa86 2008-10-05 ui-summary: use html_url_path() Lars Hjemli
24d4bb30 2008-10-05 ui-refs: use cgit_tag_link() Lars Hjemli