ref: v0.8
Sha Commit date Commit message Author
ae83752b 2008-10-05 CGIT 0.8 Lars Hjemli
0071aa86 2008-10-05 ui-summary: use html_url_path() Lars Hjemli
24d4bb30 2008-10-05 ui-refs: use cgit_tag_link() Lars Hjemli
cf61ad41 2008-10-05 ui-shared: add cgit_tag_link() Lars Hjemli
8b5fc6de 2008-10-05 ui-shared: generate proper links in cgit_object_link() Lars Hjemli
2e884f31 2008-10-05 ui-shared: use html_url_path() to get properly escaped url in form action Lars Hjemli
b7f33786 2008-10-05 Use GIT- Lars Hjemli
b9aabf0b 2008-10-05 ui-shared: reword the standard page footer Lars Hjemli
23ffba78 2008-10-05 ui-shared: do not print repo name on the "summary" tab Lars Hjemli
df46123b 2008-10-05 Replace cgitrc with cgitrc.5.txt Lars Hjemli
c6bea037 2008-10-05 Merge branch 'lh/escape-urls' Lars Hjemli
49ecbbdd 2008-10-05 ui-repolist + ui-shared: Use cgit_summary_link() Lars Hjemli
e9d3bd54 2008-10-05 ui-shared.c: add cgit_summary_link() Lars Hjemli
44b208aa 2008-10-05 ui-shared.c: use html_url_path() in repolink() Lars Hjemli
22a597e5 2008-10-05 html.c: add html_url_path Lars Hjemli
20c895f6 2008-10-05 Merge branch 'lh/escape-urls' Lars Hjemli
204669ff 2008-10-05 ui-snapshot.c: specify archiver_args.baselen Lars Hjemli
b575115d 2008-10-05 ui-shared.c: use html_url_arg() Lars Hjemli
a36a0d9d 2008-10-05 html.c: add html_url_arg Lars Hjemli
f82b1940 2008-09-23 ui-diff: make diffstat header a link to the full diff Lars Hjemli
04619c9b 2008-09-23 ui-diff: fix links from diffstat Lars Hjemli
06e14dc6 2008-09-18 Add LDFLAGS to makefile. Harley Laue
dd80ef59 2008-09-14 ui-repolist: enable filtering of repos by path Lars Hjemli
93397a76 2008-09-15 Add support for --scan-tree=<path> option to cgit Lars Hjemli
e154edd8 2008-08-09 Teach cgit how to use PATH_INFO Lars Hjemli
a30453a5 2008-09-15 Merge branch 'lh/parsing' Lars Hjemli
a608ff7b 2008-09-15 ui-tag: show the taggers email Lars Hjemli
a8305a95 2008-09-14 parsing.c: be prepared for unexpected content in commit/tag objects Lars Hjemli
91fd1eca 2008-09-15 Merge branch 'ew/http_host' Lars Hjemli
b2876513 2008-09-03 Update Makefile to use GIT- Lars Hjemli
9c931b1e 2008-08-31 use Host: header to generate cgit_hosturl Eric Wong
687fb6d8 2008-09-02 Use GIT- Lars Hjemli
135b2311 2008-09-02 ui-plain: handle subdirectories Lars Hjemli
04a6f3b0 2008-09-01 Use GIT-1.6.0 Lars Hjemli
d532c4d1 2008-09-01 Merge branch 'lh/plain' Lars Hjemli
288d502b 2008-09-01 Merge branch 'lh/clone' Lars Hjemli
2cecf839 2008-08-10 cache.c: use %zd for off_t argument Lars Hjemli
885096c1 2008-08-06 Supply status description to html_status() Lars Hjemli
7fa088e9 2008-08-06 Use GIT-1.6.0.rc1 Lars Hjemli
8c2a1367 2008-08-06 Makefile: Git dependency, take 3 Lars Hjemli
65b7b876 2008-08-06 ui-tree: link to plain view instead of blob view Lars Hjemli
e5da4bca 2008-08-06 Implement plain view Lars Hjemli
02a545e6 2008-08-06 Add support for cloning over http Lars Hjemli
e352a013 2008-08-06 Merge branch 'lh/atom' Lars Hjemli
3c71f597 2008-08-05 cgitrc: explain new local-time option Stefan Naewe
b2a3d31e 2008-05-21 Add atom-support Lars Hjemli
0f0ab148 2008-08-01 Added `local-time` option to cgitrc Stefan Naewe
a1266edf 2008-08-01 Makefile: another take on git dependency rules Lars Hjemli
952f4ece 2008-07-27 Modify default value for a few cgitrc options Lars Hjemli
25c84326 2008-07-27 Be prepared for empty repositories Lars Hjemli
2d6ee032 2008-07-27 ui-shared: show repo owner along with description Lars Hjemli
78af25cc 2008-07-27 ui-summary: show clone urls Lars Hjemli
50989d3b 2008-07-22 Makefile: remove the `distclean` and `emptycache` targets Lars Hjemli
a75968df 2008-07-22 Makefile: do not touch the git objects with `make clean` Lars Hjemli
bb7485e8 2008-07-22 Makefile: fix git dependency rules Lars Hjemli
f49ea2c9 2008-07-22 tests/Makefile: not everyone has `.` in $PATH Lars Hjemli
566f92b2 2008-07-21 Adjust to new calling convention for read_tree_recursive() Lars Hjemli
d2eb4fdd 2008-07-21 Use GIT-1.6.0-rc0 Lars Hjemli
502865a5 2008-07-19 Add a favicon option to cgitrc Lars Hjemli
de5e9281 2008-06-26 Add support for including a footer on all pages Lars Hjemli
29b37e97 2008-06-26 Merge branch 'master' of git:// Lars Hjemli
833b0d27 2008-06-25 Use GIT-1.5.6 Lars Hjemli
42effc93 2008-06-24 allow specification of directly linked blobs mimetypes Michael Krelin
01d2dce7 2008-06-24 allow blob extract blobs by head/path combination Michael Krelin
e6b635c2 2008-05-20 Added root-desc to default configuration. Harley Laue
08a8757f 2008-05-20 ui-tree.c: avoid peeking at GITLINK objects Lars Hjemli
dd7c1725 2008-05-20 cache.c: fix error checking in print_slot() Lars Hjemli
af2e7561 2008-05-18 cache.c: do not ignore errors from print_slot() Lars Hjemli
cdc6b2f8 2008-05-18 cache.c: use xread()/xwrite() from libgit Lars Hjemli
d402811b 2008-05-18 cache.c: make all io-related functions return errno on error Lars Hjemli
6102bcfc 2008-05-18 cache.c: read(2) returns -1 on error, not 0 Lars Hjemli
c3de425a 2008-05-18 Use GIT- Lars Hjemli
8907f2a0 2008-05-18 Include commit-id in link from diff-stat Lars Hjemli
502d5759 2008-05-18 ui-commit: handle root commits Lars Hjemli
17890d00 2008-05-03 Add link to index page from repo header, remove page name Lars Hjemli
aa3c4486 2008-05-03 Add footer with page creation time and cgit version on all pages Lars Hjemli
c6078b8b 2008-05-03 Add a pager on the repolist Lars Hjemli
141f1c3e 2008-05-03 Add cgit_index_link() function with support for offset Lars Hjemli
e19683be 2008-05-03 Merge branch 'lh/cache' Lars Hjemli
112b2080 2008-04-29 Print an error if filename is not found in html_include. Harley Laue
905dbaef 2008-04-29 Merge branch 'lh/about' Lars Hjemli
71adba1f 2008-04-29 Add 'about site' and 'about repo' pages Lars Hjemli
c6431a71 2008-04-29 Prepare for 'about site' page / add 'root-readme' option to cgitrc Lars Hjemli
651ef797 2008-04-29 Make it possible for a single cmd to work both with and without a repo Lars Hjemli
4c991604 2008-04-29 Re-enable 'index-info' and add support for 'root-desc' in cgitrc Lars Hjemli
80628178 2008-04-29 Move included header-file out of repolist table Lars Hjemli
90f64ad9 2008-04-28 Prepare for 'about repo' page Lars Hjemli
9000bbf8 2008-04-28 Add page 'ls_cache' Lars Hjemli
939d32fd 2008-04-28 Redesign the caching layer Lars Hjemli
d188ed4f 2008-04-24 ui-diff: remove test on object type Lars Hjemli
fe1230de 2008-04-24 Integrate diffstat with diff Lars Hjemli
9ec5cd79 2008-04-17 Fix commitdiff annoyance Lars Hjemli
3cfcb086 2008-04-15 Cleanup page header Lars Hjemli
78031f92 2008-04-14 Fix search in repo index even if caching is enabled Lars Hjemli
e9a7042b 2008-04-14 Make a few more columns in repolist and log view clickable Lars Hjemli
5764fe95 2008-04-14 Make branches, tags and log play better together in the summary view Lars Hjemli
35d19bbb 2008-04-14 Fix more css ugliness Lars Hjemli
2ee1238c 2008-04-14 cgit.css: set form margins Lars Hjemli
adf61225 2008-04-14 Fix css font-family Lars Hjemli
76ba6287 2008-04-13 Merge branch 'lh/layout' Lars Hjemli