ref: v0.6.3
Sha Commit date Commit message Author
b65aa5d1 2007-09-20 cgit v0.6.3 Lars Hjemli
08b67765 2007-09-20 Upgrade to GIT Lars Hjemli
4e40d850 2007-09-20 Use trim_end() to remove trailing slashes Lars Hjemli
0835ffef 2007-09-20 Remove a few compiler warnings Lars Hjemli
6df9c702 2007-09-20 Add cgit.conf to .gitignore, remove *~ Lars Hjemli
ff7a3948 2007-09-20 ui-tree: show last line of blob Lars Hjemli
63d5f5ea 2007-09-19 ui-tree: specify parameter position for all htmlf formats Lars Hjemli
7921572f 2007-09-14 fixed typo in cgitrc Michael Krelin
0602d8c4 2007-09-08 Improve the sample cgitrc file Chris Pickel
4beecc9a 2007-09-08 cgit v0.6.2 Lars Hjemli
6bfed7d2 2007-09-08 Revert part of "Makefile: add support for DESTDIR" Lars Hjemli
152c5e2a 2007-09-08 Revert "Makefile: add missing references to DESTDIR" Lars Hjemli
af38d656 2007-09-08 cgit v0.6.1 Lars Hjemli
fa31c5ed 2007-09-08 Makefile: add missing references to DESTDIR Lars Hjemli
898f5f89 2007-09-08 Make cgit honor CACHE_ROOT as defined in Makefile Chris Pickel
97ded7c1 2007-09-08 Makefile: add support for DESTDIR Chris Pickel
96a24212 2007-09-04 cgit v0.6 Lars Hjemli
bd8e8a3d 2007-09-04 Update README Lars Hjemli
0de21a8d 2007-09-04 Set xdemitconf_t.findfunc=NULL Lars Hjemli
ff133969 2007-09-03 Merge branch 'jo/dirlink' Lars Hjemli
4e7e8bf9 2007-09-03 Use git-1.5.3 as submodule Lars Hjemli
79f0c10d 2007-09-03 Delete and prepare for using git-submodule Lars Hjemli
95eaf273 2007-09-03 Makefile: add target "get-git" Lars Hjemli
e8920b52 2007-09-03 Rewrite the makefile + Lars Hjemli
1221adbb 2007-07-23 ui-snapshot: whitespace/formatting cleanup Lars Hjemli
43291e41 2007-07-23 Make ui-tag.c generate valid xhtml Lars Hjemli
f405d0bf 2007-07-23 Add support for line number in url fragment Lars Hjemli
eb45342e 2007-07-23 cgit_print_snapshot_links: use url to specify snapshot name Lars Hjemli
1d4aaff6 2007-07-22 Merge branch 'master' of git:// Lars Hjemli
4e9107ab 2007-07-22 Add ui-tag.c Lars Hjemli
d6b01dac 2007-07-21 link raw blob from tree file view Michael Krelin
bbd4a144 2007-07-21 fix: changed view link to blob in summary. Michael Krelin
dc3c9b5b 2007-07-21 allow selective enabling of snapshots Michael Krelin
97c025ae 2007-07-21 shorten snapshot names to repo basename Michael Krelin
1cb8bedf 2007-07-21 introduce cgit_repobasename Michael Krelin
0df096f6 2007-07-21 added snapshot filename to the link Michael Krelin
86ca0223 2007-07-21 add plain uncompressed tar snapshort format Michael Krelin
18a99bdf 2007-07-21 introduced .tar.bz2 snapshots Michael Krelin
4a92cbb7 2007-07-20 compress .tar.gz using gzip as a filter Michael Krelin
127f43d4 2007-07-20 added a chk_non_negative check Michael Krelin
3aae8270 2007-07-18 css: adjust vertical-align of commit info th cells Michael Krelin
f97c707a 2007-07-18 add support for snapshot tarballs Michael Krelin
71ebcbe2 2007-07-02 make run even if . is not in PATH Michael Krelin
51f65478 2007-07-02 make config adjustable via env variable CGIT_CONFIG Michael Krelin
16a3d277 2007-06-29 Merge branch 'lh/menu' Lars Hjemli
103940fe 2007-06-29 Add ofs argument to cgit_log_link and use it in ui-log.c Lars Hjemli
382805ee 2007-06-26 Add trim_end() and use it to remove trailing slashes from repo paths Lars Hjemli
42e459bb 2007-06-26 Do not include current path in the "tree" menu link Lars Hjemli
0d05bca5 2007-06-19 Add setting to enable/disable extra links on index page Lars Hjemli
a215bf46 2007-06-18 Change S/L/T to summary/log/tree Lars Hjemli
1f34fb9d 2007-06-18 Change "files" to "tree" Lars Hjemli
7d6ee4ee 2007-06-18 Include querystring as part of cached filename for repo summary page Lars Hjemli
f6925035 2007-06-18 Add version info from git-describe Lars Hjemli
b8be028a 2007-06-18 Add more menuitems on repo pages Lars Hjemli
4a0be586 2007-06-17 Add cgit_diff_link() Lars Hjemli
faaca447 2007-06-17 ui-commit: use cgit_commit_link() for parent links Lars Hjemli
cd79c168 2007-06-17 ui-log: honor id=sha1 on querystring Lars Hjemli
42a7eb9c 2007-06-17 Add cgit_commit_link() + support for id=sha1 to commit view Lars Hjemli
48c487d7 2007-06-17 Add git_log_link() and fix bug in generic repolink function Lars Hjemli
426032f7 2007-06-17 ui-tree: html/css cleanup Lars Hjemli
486c87ec 2007-06-17 ui-shared: use strcmp() to compare strings Lars Hjemli
44947bfc 2007-06-17 Add and use cgit_tree_link() Lars Hjemli
f91b9696 2007-06-16 ui-tree: make blob viewer generate valid html Lars Hjemli
ffc69736 2007-06-16 ui-tree: unify with ui-view, use path to select tree/blob Lars Hjemli
849f0f0f 2007-06-07 cgit.css: make it validate Lars Hjemli
c83db796 2007-06-06 ui-diff: close td/tr/table properly Lars Hjemli
4a6201e3 2007-06-05 ui-diff: emit table/tr/td at better locations Lars Hjemli
e651cb0d 2007-06-04 Rename dirlink to gitlink. Jeffrey C. Ollie
51a960a3 2007-05-26 Implemented configurable HEAD shortlog on summary page. Ondrej Jirman
6130231e 2007-05-26 Check for NULL commit buffer in cgit_parse_commit() Ondrej Jirman
a922615d 2007-05-26 Add option to disable pager to cgit_print_log(). Ondrej Jirman
3ce6fc16 2007-05-26 Handle single-line and empty commit subjects Ondrej Jirman
1a63cfcc 2007-05-26 Use & instead of & in URLs. Ondrej Jirman
0928d882 2007-05-26 Fixed unexpected tags in html output. Ondrej Jirman
2a09c0d1 2007-05-24 cgit v0.5 Lars Hjemli
7dc99a4b 2007-05-24 Bad html: it's nice to add alt-attributes Lars Hjemli
ef473df0 2007-05-24 Bad html: <form> should have an action-attribute Lars Hjemli
62dcc05c 2007-05-24 Close a <tr> properly Lars Hjemli
bbcdc290 2007-05-23 Add repo.readme parameter Lars Hjemli
25da3f76 2007-05-23 Remove unused variable from ui-repolist.c:read_agefile() Lars Hjemli
57f6a8bf 2007-05-22 Show time since last change on index page Lars Hjemli
237ef7b0 2007-05-22 Use cgit_print_age() on summary and log pages Lars Hjemli
5db39170 2007-05-22 Add cgit_print_age() function Lars Hjemli
3b86b44f 2007-05-21 css: make column headings bold Lars Hjemli
0b8b6a31 2007-05-21 Make frontpage friendlier Lars Hjemli
271ac5a7 2007-05-20 Merge branch 'repogroups' Lars Hjemli
7b39144a 2007-05-20 Adjust apperance of repogroup headers Lars Hjemli
dc3ac3f7 2007-05-20 Merge branch 'virtual-url' Lars Hjemli
977a0b17 2007-05-20 Merge branch 'index-header' Lars Hjemli
d4dbfdfb 2007-05-20 Use git-1.5.2 Lars Hjemli
de69ce02 2007-05-19 Teach cgit howto include an external file on index page. Lars Hjemli
5e75128a 2007-05-18 Add html_include() Lars Hjemli
2aef89e5 2007-05-18 Don't highlight repogroup headings Lars Hjemli
5877c49f 2007-05-18 Teach cgit how to group repositories by category Lars Hjemli
3de63b26 2007-05-18 Don't be fooled by trailing '/' in url-parameter Lars Hjemli
72fa5c63 2007-05-18 cache_safe_filename() needs more buffers Lars Hjemli
30ccdcaa 2007-05-18 Enable url=value querystring parameter Lars Hjemli
43d40f2b 2007-05-18 Add lookup-function for valid repo commands Lars Hjemli
305414df 2007-05-18 Move cgit_get_repoinfo into shared.c Lars Hjemli
08cc2e5f 2007-05-18 Remove unused extern declarations from cgit.h Lars Hjemli