ref: v0.10.2
Sha Commit date Commit message Author
eeaffc33 2014-06-30 Bump version. Jason A. Donenfeld
4b91269b 2014-06-29 remove debug fprinf() calls that sneaked in with commit 79c985 Christian Hesse
390ffad0 2014-06-28 git: update to 2.0.1 Christian Hesse
2efb59ed 2014-06-11 ui-patch: Flush stdout after outputting data John Keeping
4046e8ef 2014-06-28 ui-log: ignore unhandled arguments John Keeping
79c985e1 2014-05-29 git: update for git 2.0 Christian Hesse
b431282c 2014-04-17 remove trailing whitespaces from source files Christian Hesse
dcb16f0d 2014-04-10 git: update to 1.9.2 Christian Hesse
10451797 2014-03-28 Fix cgit_parse_url when a repo url is contained in another repo url Julian Maurice
88b93113 2014-03-20 Makefile: use more reliable git tarball mirror Jason A. Donenfeld
45315f84 2014-03-20 git: update to 1.9.1 Christian Hesse
e22e9854 2014-03-13 filter: add libravatar email-filter lua script Christian Hesse
f2fa9c56 2014-02-28 Bump version. Jason A. Donenfeld
49306110 2014-02-26 ui-refs: simplify cmp_age logic Jason A. Donenfeld
3e9578e9 2014-02-08 Remove unused parameter from cgit_print_snapshot() Lukas Fleischer
e6749644 2014-02-20 print download link for reference string length == 1 Christian Hesse
2e8e9af1 2014-02-21 Clean up cache documentation. Jason A. Donenfeld
6ceba453 2014-02-20 Skip cache slot when time-to-live is zero Lukas Fleischer
8033dc01 2014-02-20 git: Update to 1.9.0 Lukas Fleischer
8acfa51a 2014-02-20 Makefile: suppress pkg-config error Jason A. Donenfeld
a3722ec3 2014-02-05 Add a cache-snapshot-ttl configuration variable Lukas Fleischer
7e1c0ed2 2014-02-20 diffstat: do not rely on uninitialized data Jason A. Donenfeld
e8cacb59 2014-02-01 check if git is available before trying to call it Fabien C
aa6d5b10 2014-01-23 simple-authentication: style Jason A. Donenfeld
44ccae42 2014-01-22 makefile: use LUA_PKGCONFIG to set Lua implementation Natanael Copa
f759cc0f 2014-01-20 tests: only do lua tests if lua is compiled-in Jason A. Donenfeld
6a156334 2014-01-20 cgit: add --version argument for printing info Jason A. Donenfeld
d3581b58 2014-01-18 cache: use sendfile() instead of a pair of read() + write() Sebastian Andrzej Siewior
ea7210be 2014-01-18 README: document pkg-config for luajit Jason A. Donenfeld
6952f164 2014-01-17 makefile: bump version Jason A. Donenfeld
bdbe03af 2014-01-17 mailmap: source before lighttpd Jason A. Donenfeld
bb3cc0d9 2014-01-17 ui-shared: do not allow negative minutes Jason A. Donenfeld
9dde6d38 2014-01-17 auth: document tweakables in lua script Jason A. Donenfeld
a2b6b371 2014-01-16 repolist: make owner clickable to search Jason A. Donenfeld
3cbbb8ea 2014-01-17 ui-shared: move about tab all the way to the left Jason A. Donenfeld
9786f461 2014-01-17 filter: don't forget to reap the auth filter Jason A. Donenfeld
9999b0a3 2014-01-17 cgit.c: free tmp variable Jason A. Donenfeld
f60ffa14 2014-01-15 Switch to exclusively using global ctx Lukas Fleischer
a431326e 2014-01-16 auth: have cgit calculate login address Jason A. Donenfeld
df00ab10 2014-01-16 auth: lua string comparisons are time invariant Jason A. Donenfeld
b826537c 2014-01-16 authentication: use hidden form instead of referer Jason A. Donenfeld
d6e9200c 2014-01-14 auth: add basic authentication filter framework Jason A. Donenfeld
3741254a 2014-01-15 t0111: Additions and fixes Lukas Fleischer
2a7dd4bf 2014-01-15 parsing.c: Remove leading space from committer Lukas Fleischer
c01fb69f 2014-01-14 Add .mailmap Lukas Fleischer
caf557a2 2014-01-14 t0111: Add basic tests for Lua filters Lukas Fleischer
8ae1d8b8 2014-01-15 email-gravatar: fix html syntax issues Christian Hesse
5bda21fa 2014-01-14 email-gravatar: do not scale icons up Jason A. Donenfeld
6ca734da 2014-01-14 filter: allow returning exit code from filter Jason A. Donenfeld
ce56d89a 2014-01-14 tests/: Add Lukas Fleischer
1167dbb9 2014-01-14 email-gravatar: fix html syntax issues Christian Hesse
46176eca 2014-01-14 fix UTF-8 Christian Hesse
50287e79 2014-01-14 email-gravatar.lua: fix for lua 5.2 Christian Hesse
a9a7f682 2014-01-14 makefile: only display lua message once Jason A. Donenfeld
027e88a1 2014-01-14 README: document lua makefile flags Jason A. Donenfeld
70546a34 2014-01-14 cgitrc.5.txt: Fix documentation of the snapshot mask Lukas Fleischer
3488d124 2014-01-14 makefile: auto-detect presence of various Lua, bsd Jason A. Donenfeld
d3c0370a 2014-01-13 filter: style tweaks Jason A. Donenfeld
786609bd 2014-01-13 filter: add page source to email filter Jason A. Donenfeld
e942a162 2014-01-10 filter: add gravatar scripts Jason A. Donenfeld
a5e15537 2014-01-13 filter: add support for email filter Jason A. Donenfeld
800380dd 2014-01-13 filter: return on null filter from open and close Jason A. Donenfeld
f43b228d 2014-01-13 filter: add lua support Jason A. Donenfeld
e83b51b4 2014-01-13 filter: basic write hooking infrastructure Jason A. Donenfeld
d750c7a2 2014-01-12 filter: allow for cleanup hook for filter types Jason A. Donenfeld
4bb87cbf 2014-01-12 filter: introduce "filter type" prefix John Keeping
7bd90b80 2014-01-12 filter: add interface layer John Keeping
632efb25 2014-01-12 filter: add fprintf_filter function John Keeping
ed3497b0 2014-01-14 authors: specify maintainers Jason A. Donenfeld
ceffeb5d 2014-01-13 filters: Improved Stefan Tatschner
a52aaa90 2014-01-12 tests: add CGIT_TEST_OPTS variable to Makefile John Keeping
1de65911 2014-01-12 ui-repolist: HTML-escape cgit_rooturl() response John Keeping
a45030f8 2014-01-12 ui-shared: URL-escape script_name John Keeping
d1a6ece4 2014-01-12 ui-refs: escape HTML chars in author and tagger names John Keeping
3d8a6507 2014-01-12 filter: pass extra arguments via cgit_open_filter John Keeping
da218fcd 2014-01-12 ui-snapshot: set unused cgit_filter fields to zero John Keeping
fd31aa69 2014-01-12 html: remove redundant htmlfd variable John Keeping
1b1974c4 2013-04-08 tests: add Valgrind support John Keeping
382ecf15 2014-01-12 cache: don't leave cache_slot fields uninitialized John Keeping
3eae4069 2014-01-10 filter: split filter functions into their own file Jason A. Donenfeld
b67ea0c0 2014-01-10 filter: make exit status local Jason A. Donenfeld
d01a6eec 2014-01-10 parsing: fix header typo Jason A. Donenfeld
c96becc1 2014-01-10 cgit.c: Fix comment on bit mask hack Lukas Fleischer
441e7485 2014-01-10 cgit.c: Use "else" for mutually exclusive branches Lukas Fleischer
e7116796 2014-01-10 ui-snapshot.c: Do not reinvent suffixcmp() Lukas Fleischer
f04b8d5c 2014-01-10 Refactor cgit_parse_snapshots_mask() Lukas Fleischer
2abce430 2014-01-10 Disallow use of undocumented snapshot delimiters Lukas Fleischer
36bdb217 2014-01-10 Replace most uses of strncmp() with prefixcmp() Lukas Fleischer
d523dacc 2014-01-09 README: Fix dependencies Lukas Fleischer
e2416259 2014-01-08 README: Spelling and formatting fixes Lukas Fleischer
b6da53dd 2013-09-11 Fix UTF-8 with Přemysl Janouch
4f6fb32f 2013-09-11 Add a suggestion to the manpage Přemysl Janouch
17e6a2af 2013-09-11 Fix the example configuration Přemysl Janouch
f1fb521a 2013-09-11 Fix Přemysl Janouch
88028ad5 2013-09-11 Fix some spelling errors Přemysl Janouch
09a28d76 2013-11-09 filters: add css comments for highlight 2.6 and 3.8 Ferry Huberts
d350d34d 2014-01-08 Add AUTHORS file Lukas Fleischer
f7f26f88 2014-01-08 Update copyright information Lukas Fleischer
3cebf683 2013-11-28 git: update to 1.8.5 Christian Hesse
4468ec1b 2013-10-03 Reduce line number bloat, fix hover effect Peter Wu